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Cowboy Brand Pet Treats Technical Brief

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Intestinal Health of our Pets

Dogs experience intestinal upsets just like their owners and exhibit similar symptoms of diarrhea, gas, bloating and intestinal discomfort.

There are many reasons for intestinal upsets, but the common causes usually involve something they ate, stress and allergies.

Importance of Intestinal Health

The intestine of animals is inhabited by a diverse population of organisms numbering in the trillions that we call the microbiome. A balanced intestinal microbiome is crucial for maintaining the animal’s health. The normal microbiota performs many functions including:

· Modulation of the immune system

· Keeping invading pathogens in check

· Production of anti-inflammatory metabolites

· Maintenance of healthy digestive tissue and the mucosal barrier

Maintaining a Balanced Intestinal Microbiome

Maintaining both the composition and diversity of the intestinal microbiome is important for not only intestinal health and digestion, but also for many aspects of the general health of the animal. In simple terms, a healthy intestine contains a high number and diversity of beneficial organisms which protect and support the integrity of the intestine and various immune, digestion and health functions. The use of prebiotic products from Pacer Technology are a great way to help maintain the intestinal health of our pets.

Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks are formulated to support the healthy function of your pet’s digestive system. Formulated with specific prebiotic ingredients, functional fiber sources and Excell™ a lactobacillus fermentation product that effectively nurtures and maintains a healthy intestinal microbiome necessary for optimal intestinal integrity, digestion, and overall health.

Benefits of Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks

· Supports and maintains a balanced microbiome

· Optimum digestion and absorption

· Strong immune function

· Overall animal health

Nutritional Supplement in a Healthy Snack

When pets suffer from intestinal issues, especially during times of stress or when something causes an irritable bowel condition manifesting in diarrhea, gas, and discomfort, Pacer Technology can help.

Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks feature an ingredient profile of tasty beef, Excell™ (Lactobacillus fermentation product) and functional fiber sources known to support the microbiome of the intestine.

Synergy of Excell™ and Functional Fiber

The combination Excell™ and specific functional fiber ingredients used in Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks combine multiple support activities for your pet’s digestive system to help prevent intestinal upsets. Benefits of the Cowboy Brand Health Meat Snacks formula include:

· Beef…Excellent palatability, protein, and energy

· Excell™ Fermentation Product…Nurtures and supports the growth of the beneficial gut microbiome which in turn optimizes the environment and health of the intestine

· Sun-Cured Miscanthus Grass...Tested at Kansas State and found to be an exceptional prebiotic for maintaining the intestinal health of dogs

· Pumpkin...Promoted by veterinarians and the American Kennel Club for prevention of diarrhea

· Yeast Extract…University of tested and shown to promote prebiotic activities beneficial to the intestine and microbiome

Analysis of Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks

Protein 21%

Fat 21%

Fiber 6 %

Moisture 21%

Feeding Recommendations

For best results, feed Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks at the rate of one stick per 50-60 lbs. of body weight each day. Splitting the daily amount and feeding several times daily will provide optimum intestinal benefits.

See chart below for different weight dogs. Cowboy Brand Healthy Meat Snacks are etched for ease of breakage into small pieces for training or praise. A great training aid and nutritious reward for all stages of your pet’s life. Do not over feed or replace your dog’s normal dog food.

Dog Wt. Snacks per day

5-15 lbs. 1/4

20-35 lbs. 1/2

40-60 lbs. 1

70-90 lbs. 1 1/4

100-120 lbs. 1 1/2

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

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