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Excell PRO™ All-Natural
Livestock Supplements

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

Great Performance Requires a Strong Start and a Strong Finish  

When your profitability and animal performance are on the line, your animals need more than just good nutrition. They need Excell PRO™ products.



Better Performance and Health Solutions 

Success in your operation begins with a foundation of good nutrition and digestive health, no matter what life stage your animals are in. 

Excell PRO™ products combined with our Complete Calf Care Program helps optimize rumen function for healthier cattle and can assist with reducing stress and illness while improving production efficiency. 

Complete Calf Care™ = Performance, Prevention, and Treatment 

  • More effective, easy-to-use, and competitively priced compared to typical all-natural products 

  • Designed to keep animals healthy to perform to their genetic potential 

  • Helps improve rumen function and health 

  • Helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of digestive bacteria in both the rumen and intestine

  • Helps stimulate the immune system

  • Helps reduce acidosis, founder, and bloat



The Exell PRO™ Advantage

These Aren't Just Quality Products - We Offer A Program That Provides Better Performance And Health Solutions


Excell PRO™ Pastes & Powders

Excell Pro™ is an all natural product. Excell™ fermentation product is the foundation with
added specific IgY egg proteins and pathogen binding products to reduce specific pathogens including:

- Rotavirus
- E.Coli
- Coronavirus
- Clostridida
- Salmonella
- Cryptosporidium
- Coccidiosis


Excell PRO™ ProCrypt™


Procrypt™ has selective binding properties that have been proven effective against major known pathogens and can be used in all livestock species and is safe for the environment.

-Pathogen-load reduction with multiple modes of action impacting pathogen development for Cocci, Crypto, Corona, Roto, Salmonella, Clostridia, E. Coli 

-Promotes liver health –Reduces toxin load, improves liver function, reduces liver abscesses

-Protects the gut and aids in prevention of leaky gut and prevents toxin absorption in small intestine

-Higher IgG’s in colostrum, improved milk production and lower SCC


Excell PRO™ Electrolytes

The Excell PRO™ Electrolyte program consists of products (Excell PRO™ OSMO 400 Electrolyte™ & Custom Electrolyte) formulated and balanced for the specific needs of calves under stress and in various stages of dehydration. These products contain a balance of electrolytes (minerals), carbohydrates (sugars), amino acids and alkalizing agents needed to supplement stressed calves and in rehydrating, replacing lost minerals and provide energy in dehydrated animals.


Excell PRO™
Egg Protein Technology™

Egg Protein Technology™ is effective at preventing and treating common intestinal pathogens in animals. 


-Oral administration of pathogen specific IgY in EPT can help in the prevention and treatment of intestinal pathogens

-EPT products are highly effective against most common intestinal pathogens which cause diarrhea in animals; such as rotavirus, Escherichia coli, coronavirus, Clostridia Enterotoxemia, Salmonella, Cryptosporidia, Coccidiosis 

-The IgY antibodies in EPT helps to reduce the incidence of disease by preventing the attachment of pathogens to the intestine and blocking the mucosal receptor and interfering with binding to mucins

-Safe and effective alterative to antibiotics 

-Does not harm beneficial intestinal bacteria

-No development of antibiotic resistance


Excell PRO™ Colostrum

An economical way to help your newborn calves survive and your profits thrive.

Excell Pro™ ImmuGuard 100™ Colostrum Replacer Contains 100 grams of IgG per dose. Use as a pre/post gut closure treatment to help protect the calf from disease as it develops a healthy immune system.

Excell Pro™ ImmuGuard 50™ Colostrum Replacer With 50 grams of IgG, it aids in the treatment of failure of passive transfer within the first 24 hours of life and aids in reduction of disease and prevention of death.

Excell Pro™ Cold Calf Booster with six specific IgY egg proteins, providing newborn calves with the correct ingredients as supplied by mother nature. this formula contains a source of species specific microencapsulted direct fed live microoganisms that aid in reducing undesirable bacteria in the intestinal tract.

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Complete Calf Care


Weaning - Beef.jpg

Complete Calf Care Supports Every Stage


Implement methods and technologies to offset everyday digestive challenges

Preventing intestinal problems from the beginning is one of the best ways you can keep costs and stress down for your animals. Excell PRO™ optimizes and reinforces digestive health through every life stage. 


Driving digestive function to maximize genetic potential

Research shows an increased level of gut microflora can have a positive health and production related response which allows for an increase in average daily weight gain, performance and profitability for your business.


Addressing known digestive issues with targeted technologies

An outbreak of scours can cause frustration and panic for any operation. Excell PRO™ is a natural, fast-acting treatment for scours and stress from weaning, shipping and processing. 

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