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Earn more for your beef calves this fall with Excell™ All-Natural

The buzz around cattle prices is palpable.

With a decrease in cow numbers and strong beef demand, beef cattle prices are hitting record-breaking highs.

Weaning and preconditioning for around 45 days on the farm or ranch of origin is the most important factor in ensuring a calf’s health as it moves through the production system. During those 45 days, calves tend to gain weight at a rate of up to 2 lbs. per day, leading to more profits for the producer.

Good animal husbandry and management practices, a solid nutrition program and health protocols that include vaccination for key cattle diseases are critical.

The value of Excell™ involves the longer-term benefits seen when the stress of weaning and shipping is overcome by getting the calves on feed quickly:

Stimulating feed intake:

  • Brings the rumen microflora back to normal (stress can reduce the population to 10-15 percent of normal)

  • Improved rumen function reduces chance of acidosis and digestive upsets

  • Increased intake provides more nutrients for maintaining the immune system to fight off pathogen challenges

  • Increased intake and improved rumen function increase nutrients available for growth, development, and feed efficiency

As with any economic decision, producers should evaluate the costs and returns of preconditioning programs. Additional costs of preconditioning vary across operations and situations and, while there is no guarantee of positive returns, the probability of positive returns is higher and more consistent in recent years.

Considerable research has shown that stressed cattle on weaning/receiving rations that stimulate intakes 2-3 weeks post weaning, perform significantly better, are healthy and more profitable than those that are not.

Maximize gains during all time high cattle markets. Don't let opportunity pass you by with your weaning program.

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

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