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Excell™ Equine: Post-Event Recovery of the Competitive and Working Horse

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Competitive and working horses need rest and nutritional attention to recover from the stress and rigors of strenuous performance. Many components are involved including removing heat and metabolic byproducts from the muscles, addressing nutrient and electrolyte loss, providing feed and water at the correct time, addressing the effect of stress on the immune system and adequate rest.

The nutritional component of recovery of the equine athlete first starts with the basic diet, balanced to meet the nutrient requirements for the horse’s discipline and work level. The second nutritional element for recovery following the event should focus on supplying nutrients depleted during performance for rehydration, tissue repair and immune function activation.

Optimum Digestion Helps Horses Recover Faster

Good digestion efficiency allows the horse to receive the most nourishment from the feed consumed to provide more of the essential nutrients needed for prolonged performance and endurance. An optimum digestive system will also enhance nutrient uptake to replenish

depleted nutrients for faster recovery

and repair of tired and sore muscles.

Nutritional Supplement for Horses

Feeding Excell, a microbial fermentation product for working and performance horses, helps restore and maintain a healthy microflora necessary for optimal intestinal integrity, digestion and overall equine health.

Excell™ is produced from a specific strain of Lactobacillus that effectively nurtures and maintains the microbial balance in the digestive tract and has shown to be effective in reducing digestive upsets when fed at 5 grams per day.

Customers feeding Excell™ have reported better recovery and digestive health especially after travel and vigorous activity. Faster recovery after rodeos, show events and training is a common result of feeding Excell™ due to the benefits it provides to the horse’s digestive system.

“We have been feeding Excell™ Pellets since early 2015. It is the one thing we never go without. Since feeding Excell™, I feed no other gut health supplement. We do not struggle with ulcers in our competition horses anymore. We see a huge improvement in overall appearance. My horse’s coats are slick, we keep weight on throughout the year. When on the road and at home my horses eat better, we don’t have any gut upsets while traveling. Also, this past year we fed our weanling colts Excell™ and they did amazing- I believe this is key in any program!”

Whitney Anderson, Twin Falls, Idaho

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