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Impact of Excell™ to a Liquid Feed Supplement on Backgrounding Calves

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

John B. Hall and Wayne Smith

University of Idaho, Nancy M. Cummings REEC

Value of Excell™ in a Liquid Supplement

A 39-day backgrounding calf trial at the University of Idaho showed a 5.6 pound per animal improvement over Lasalocid fed calves when Excell™ was included in the liquid feeding supplement. At the time of the trial, this extra gain was valued at $7.84 with a $5.11 per calf net return.

The objective of this study was to measure the effect of Excell™ on weight gain in backgrounding calves. 322 grouped heifer and steer calves were paired by weaning weight and randomly assigned to either the control or Excell™ treatments. The Control treatment contained Lasalocid at 60 mg per head per day and Excell™ was fed at 5 cc per head per day mixed into a liquid supplement fed at 1.2 pounds per head per day.

Excell™ is a lactobacillus fermentation product containing preebiotic components and bioactive metabolytes produced during the fermentation process. The unique profile of bioactive compounds support microbial populations in the digestive system of the rumen and intestine.

When the rumen microflora population is optimum, cattle are more efficient in their digestion and adsorption of essential nutrients for maximum gain and performance.

Benefits of a Healthy Rumen

· High population of rumen microflora

· Increased number of fiber digesting bacteria

· Maximum appetite and feed intake

· Maintains optimum feed efficiency and energy utilization

· Increased roughage digestibility and nutrient uptake

· Higher rumen pH for reduced acidosis and consistent feed intake

Economic Value of Excell™

This study showed the performance benefit of feeding Excell™ in the backgrounding ration providing a positive economic return when added to a liquid supplement.

Excell™ fed steers gained 6.9 % more (4.5 lbs.) and heifers gained 14.5% more (6.9 lbs.) (14.5%) than Lasalocid fed calves providing a net return of $5.11 per calf.

Support performance and health for the entire feeding period

When Excell™ is added to receiving and backgrounding rations, cattle will develop a strong appetite, efficient rumen function and optimum digestion for maximum nutrient intake. These factors help support cattle performance and health for the entire feeding period.

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