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Excell™ All-Natural Research Trials Summaries

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

A leader in fermentation technology, Pacer Technology Research program, is focused on providing innovative, all-natural and cost effective products for global agriculture.

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Beef Research

Superior to Lasalocid: Increased ADG .11 lbs. / day on steers, .19 heifers

Superior to Monensin: Increased ADG .23 lbs. / day…same feed efficiency

• Similar VFA profile to Monensin but significantly increased butyrate

• ADG, intake, feed efficiency and onset of puberty (conception) equal to Monensin

2020 University of Georgia Four Phase Study:

4.4% more total VFA

51% more butyrate than Monensin, 5% than control

Reduced hydrogen and methane

.57 lbs. more ADG than negative control

• Backgrounding phase

Preliminary data suggests improvement over Monensin similar to UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO

• Finishing phase…trial finishes in July

Closeout data and carcass quality data will be included

Dairy Calf Research

9.1% increase in BW of 8.9 lbs…increase in ADG, overall weight, height and length

6.8% increase in BW of 6.7 lbs…increase in ADG, overall weight, weight and length

• 2020…3.96 lbs. heavier calf from 21 days on Excell™

• 2021…2.2 lbs. heavier calf from 21 days on feed Excell™

Improved all frame measurements

Adisseo sponsored through Dr. David Casper Calf Research Farm

Product Benefits Seen from Research Results

Bigger Calves at Weaning (More Profit and ROI)

• Increased rumen development in young calves

• Increased ruminal butyrate production

• Increased feed intake

• Increased weight and frame

Rapid treatment of neonatal calf diarrhea (Healthier Calves)

• Elimination of scours

• Improved immune function

Weaned calves' transition to group pens with less health issues

• A more developed rumen improves nutrient intake

• Immune function is improved from a healthy gut

• Increased microbial population

• Increased total VFA levels and available energy

• Increased ruminal butyrate production

• Stimulates dry matter intake

• Increased weight gain and frame size

Dairy Lactation Research

2018 Commercial 1200 cow lactation study…120 days

#1 6 lbs. more milk but less butter fat on Monensin plus Excell™

#2 7 lbs. more milk but less butter fat on Excell™ alone

2018 Fresno State 8-week deprived colostrum weaning & rumen development study

• 20% less death loss and Excell™ calves had improved intestinal scores over control

Poultry Research

• Improved feed efficiency…1 lb. less feed to produce an 8-pound broiler - 45 days

• 50% less early mortality

• Reversed egg production depression and increased 10% over original production

• Significantly reduced yeast, E.coli, mold and staph aureus levels in the intestine

• Restored intestinal health from yeast and bacterial infection

• Reversed weight loss and returned hens to normal weight

Veterinarian Reviews



Product Benefits Seen

Maintains Optimal Intestinal Health and Immune Function

• Optimum Microbiome Population and Diversity

• Strong immune function

• Reduced ulcer frequency

• Faster post-event recovery

• Reduction of environmental pathogen levels

• Optimum digestion and adsorption

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!


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