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Value of ProCrypt™ for Protozoal and Bacterial Scours in Cattle

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Value of ProCrypt™ for Protozoal and Bacterial Scours in Cattle

The intestine of animals is known to harbor pathogenic microorganisms which are shed into the environment in the manure. Infection of young calves is a common issue and can lead to severe health issues and high mortality if the calves have not acquired natural immunity.

Pathogens causing major economic loss and health issues, especially to young calves are: Protozoa; Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis, Bacteria; E. Coli, Salmonella, and Clostridia; Virus; Rota virus and Corona virus.

The first line of defense against pathogenic infection is a strong immune function in mother cows. Implementation of a good nutritional program that supports high antibody levels in colostrum at calving time will help protect the newborn calves from ineffective pathogens. When treatment becomes necessary, use a high-quality oral electrolyte product that corrects metabolic acidosis and hydrates the scouring calf as quickly as possible.

ProCrypt™ Helps Maintain a Healthy Intestine and Optimum Colostrum IgG Levels

Reducing the pathogen load on pastures and areas where cattle congregate, especially calving areas can reduce the risk of pathogenic infection and health issues in young calves.

12%-15% Higher IgG in Colostrum

Benefits of ProCrypt™:

· 12%-15% higher IgG level in colostrum

· Impacts oocyst development and shedding by interrupting the life cycle during the sporulation stage of reproduction

· Impacts pathogen load by inhibition of their communication (“quorum sensing”) and food deprivation

· Affects pathogen attachment in the intestine reducing toxin production and inflammation

· Maintains mucosal and crypt protection and tight junctions of intestinal villi and reduces “leaky gut”

ProCrypt™ is an OMRI certified feed additive from selected chestnut wood (Castanea Sativa) that supports the health of animals.

ProCrypt™ provides a diversity of bioactive polyphenols providing optimum use and absorption of nutrients and maintenance of a strong immune system.

ProCrypt™ can be used in all livestock species and is safe for the environment.

ProCrypt™ Provides Value Added Benefits

· Protection of young calves through optimum IgG levels in colostrum

· Maintenance of a low pathogen load by aiding in the maintenance of healthy intestinal tissue and action of selective astringent properties

· Broad spectrum protection:

o Protozoa - Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis

o Bacteria - E. Coli, Salmonella, and Clostridia

o Virus - Rotavirus and Coronavirus

· Maintains intestinal integrity – aids in prevention of leaky gut in the small intestine

· Maintains optimum liver health and function – high antioxidant qualities and helps regulate rumen pH to prevent acidosis and development of liver abscesses

· Promotes good rumen function – Optimum feed efficiency and nutrient intake levels promote growth, production, and animal health

· No withdrawal issues – usage at any stage of production

· Heat stable to over 300F – feed processing is no issue

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

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