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Excell Pro™ Colostrum

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Colostrum Reimagined

Excell Pro™ ImmuGuard 100™ Colostrum Replacer

Contains 100 grams of IgG per dose. Use as a pre/post gut closure treatment to help protect the calf from disease as it develops a healthy immune system.

​Excell Pro™ ImmuGuard 50™ Colostrum Replacer

With 50 grams of IgG, it aids in the treatment of failure of passive transfer within the first 24 hours of life and aids in reduction of disease and prevention of death.

Excell Pro™ Cold Calf Starter

Provides newborn calves with the correct ingredients as provided by mother nature. This formula contains a source of species-specific mircoencapsulated direct-fed live microorganisms that aid in the reduction of undesirable bacteria in the intestinal tract.

The Next Generation Of Animal Health!

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